Why Choose Glendale?

Why choose Glendale?  Here’s give compelling reasons:

  1. We aim to achieve a true zero harm culture by 2019
    We embrace a ‘beyond compliance’ approach to health and safety and our record is amongst the best in the industry.  We’re committed to achieving the very highest standards of health and safety.
  2. Our dedicated professionals work in partnership with you
    We promise to list to your requirements and come up with a tailored, cost-effective, value-added solution that’s guaranteed to meet your goals.
  3. We are a national company dedicated to serving local communities
    Whilst we offer nationwide coverage, we’re proud to provide local employment opportunities and support projects and events organised by people passionate about enhancing their local green spaces.
  4. We expertly train and insure our staff
    We only employ professionally trained, registered and certified personnel to carry out services and supervise those in training, and we’re extremely proud to run an award-winning apprenticeship scheme.
  5. We know the environment better than anyone
    Our experts have a combined experience of over 200 years nurturing green spaces.  We have well established environmental policies and procedures to ensure we do all that we can to preserve the environment, including recycling any green waste wherever possible.
  6. We are serious about conservation
    We offer a community grant scheme and deliver a volunteer-based conservation project called ‘Nature’s Gym’ that provides the community in Lewisham and Richmond with the chance to look after their local parks, green spaces and nature reserves.